Can some one explain how iTunes should handle video pod casts?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by bob5820, Feb 9, 2008.

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    I've been having some trouble getting video pod casts on to my iPhone. Or more exactly I'm trying to view some older podcasts, so the sync last blah, blah, blah, doesn't work for me. Nor can I drag individual podcasts from iTunes to the iPhone, even though I have manually manage music and videos selected. From some discussions that I've already had it seems that video podcasts that I've subscribed to in iTunes should show up in Podcasts and in Movies. They do show up in Podcasts but not movies. THe other odd thing is that when I use get info they all show up as Video Kind:Movie under the Video tab, but under the Summary tab the kind may be either, Quicktime movie with a .mov extension, or as a MPEG-4 video file with a .mp4 extension. If I use a smart folder to pull these podcasts onto the iPhone I get audio but no video. The only solution so far has been to run them through VisualHub which puts them in the movies as a MPEG-4 with either a .mp4, or a .mp4v extension.

    So the question is;
    1) Should video podcasts show up in Movies as well as Podcasts?
    2) What kind should they be and what extension should they have to be viewable on an iPhone.
    3) Is there a setting in iTunes that I need to change?
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    1) No, Just Podcasts however I have seen some which are labeled as Movies such as Apple's Dev tutorials

    3) I'll have to get back to you on that one :confused:
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    On my 5.5 gen iPod, they show up under Videos > video podcasts and they also show up in Music>podcasts. playing them from the Music folder only plays the audio, not the video.

    Now, I have a similar problem to the OP (I think). Certain of my video podcasts are now not being synced to my iPod. This just started happening lately. Some of the subscriptions are new (episodes starting in Jan. 2008), some are subscriptions that I have had for some time and have been watching -- the newer episodes sometimes to not sync. Within the iTunes Store, these are not shown as compatible with iPhone, Apple TV or the like, so should be compatible with my iPod. Like the OP, when I get info, they are shown as Quicktime or MPEG-4 files and show the H.264 codec.

    Why won't they sync to my iPod? Soon I will be out of videos, and could have saved my money and not bought the video model!
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    I m not sure if I'm having the same issues but when I try to synch music videos to my Iphone it saids that "Iphone cannot played this music file." Do you think its possible that I have to convert the file to a iphone extension? If so, which program do you reccomend to convert this music files? SOrry if this have been asked before. Thank you.

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