Can someone edit this (.aep file)?


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Aug 4, 2011
I need to edit an After Effects file (.aep) but the project, for a charity, needs to be completed by the weekend. However, I am unfamiliar with After Effects as most of my work in IT is with Photoshop, Maya, etc. I just need someone to change the colours of various layers in the file, which was the template of a previous presentation, edit a few basic layers and, possibly insert video clips/render the file.

However, if someone can offer to edit the text layers, change colour, I can render the file and try to edit the rest in a program I am comfortable in. I was wondering if anyone could do that. Thanks.



Update: I'm really sorry I didn't see your replies. Email notification was not on and I assumed no-one answered. In the end, I was able to use a copy of After Effects on a work PC to edit the template. But, it was too hard to do it all myself in that short time period so I used Prezi for the presentation. I'll try to learn After Effects in the future but, at the moment, I don't have the time.
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Nov 28, 2010
No, they just didn't realized that all the footage had to go with the file ;)
I guess so, but a reply would have been nice, but with that low post count in that long time, I guess, coming back is not always a priority.
That is the disadvantage of being here so long and having some more posts I guess. ;)
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