Can someone explain Photos Library to me?

Discussion in 'iOS 8' started by super tomtendo, Jun 1, 2015.

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    I'm a little confused on what exactly this service can provide for me. I understand it means all my devices will have each others photos, but is it going to take up space on them? Or are they hosted and just viewable on your device?

    Like the new Google Photos their not actually on my phone.. therefore not taking up space, or very limited space and they load accordingly as you view...

    What about Photos Library? I don't want to sync them all if their just gonna take up massive amounts of space...
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    You can chose to use the Optimize setting which will take some space on each device you have photos on but to give you an idea I have about 35GB of photos in iCloud and it uses about 2GB of space on my device. Pretty good if you ask me.
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    super tomtendo

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    Are they full resolution on computer?
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    Yes they can be. If you set Photos to be optimized in your Mac, it will still keep full resolution copies as long as you have the hard disk space for it.
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    i think your question is good question.

    Photos (iCloud Photo Library) simply syncs all your photos so that they can be accessed by all your devices that use your same apple ID - both iOS and OS X.

    as the other posters have said, the photos that you sync can be either the same size as the original (which is to say, big, heavy, taking up 2 or 3 MB each, or, you can chose to just have those photo be on your device as thumbnail size photos and then when you want to view it, assuming you are connected to the net somehow, it will take a moment or two to redownload a full size photo for you to see or have someone look it.

    either way, the key is that that Photos simply is a syncing tool first and foremost. yes it has editing capability and organization capability such as sorting your photos into time periods (moments and locations) and you can organize them yourself into your own named albums.

    the other major thing that it can do is to be able to set up albums that you can share with others and even have them put photos into if you allow them.

    here is my own take on Photos: I have not turned on iCloud Photos Library. I have chosen to keep the old system: meaning i have turned on only My Photo Stream and iCloud Photo sharing. these two services are the old way, before Photos introduced iCloud Photo Library.

    the reason why i use the old way is that i want to use iCloud as a way to get photos onto all my devices automatically, but the key difference is with this way (the old way) you can delete photos from any device but they won't be deleted from your other devices were they have been synced to. its not a continuous sync like Photos Library is.

    in my case, i use my mac (macbook air) as my main machine. i organize and edit photos on my mac.
    i of course actually take the photos with my iPhone. and the old way gets these photos onto my mac.
    once on my mac i just delete them from the phone. but then later when i sync music, etc using iTunes, I sync back to my phone the exact albums that i want on my phone. i have thousands more photos on my mac's Photos than i have in my iPhone's Photos app.

    the above works for me but your mileage may vary. i hope apple continues to allow iCloud Photos Library an optional choice, like it is now.

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