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    Oct 23, 2015
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    How/why the iPad Pro is marketed or teased as a desktop replacement (What if your computer was an ipad? Ads) when I cannot perform just this one silly little tiny thing, that's also infuriating.

    I do have a PC desktop, and I am knee deep in cloud storage for photos, but it would just be nice to do this, I don't understand the reasoning.

    SD card adapter, import only. Why can't I export? Is there a long winded technical reason why it's not, safe, or something?

    I just want to snag the photos off the SD card, edit them on the couch in snapseed or something, and shove them back on the SD card. No worrying about wifi dead spots or transfer times, etc. Just boom and boom.

    I guess I'll have to break out the wifi SD reader and it's app on this thing. Hmmm. The nice thing is then tossing this Sd card back into my camera bag and throwing it to my brother or mom to shove into their macbook, to check out the pics without having to DL, and I don't even need to lug around the ipad.
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    I'm not sure why the iPad cannot copy or export files natively, but as a workaround, could you not simply connect your iPad directly to the computers where you like to normally import from the sd card?
    Your iPad should heave just like a digital camera, so the import process should be the same too! That's what works for me, I also do lots of edits on my iPad with Snapseed (great app) and then I simply import the pictures onto my iMac at home. To the Photos app.
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    As you've mentioned there are external devices to help. I don't see Apple ever adding an SD slot to the iPad (they've even removed it from the new MacBook) so external devices are our best option.

    My personal preference is the Kingston MobileLite Wireless as it's a very good multi purpose device and the only one to the best of my knowledge that uses wireless A/C so it's faster than most.

    With one of those you can save files to any attached SD card (it has a slot) or flash drive or hard drive connected to its USB port.

    It also serves as a mobile wireless router so you can share your devices cellular connection with other devices, use it as a router with any available LAN or WiFi connection and it's even got a built in battery that you can use as an emergency charger.

    That way you can export to the Kingston and share the exported files with other people in a variety of ways regardless of the kind of device they have.
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    You can purchase the 2TB iCloud option if you don't have iCloud storage
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    Thanks for the replies all! I do own a Kingston mobile lite, and I enjoy using that if there's only 40-50 photos.

    I've been using a lighting/USB drive to transfer larger libraries for backup.

    Ended up moving permanent backups to Amazon Prime Photos, as it can store my RAW images from my Nikon, and a large drive on my PC.

    Google photos is in there somewhere for that "compressed but not forgotten" backup and iCloud Photo Library is now empty.

    Thanks everyone :)

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