Can someone explain why Apple is so lazy?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by SiliconAddict, Apr 12, 2008.

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    [This is a moderate Threat Level Orange Rant\venting...move on if you don't want to hear a complaint about an Apple product. Just saying...I know some people hate hearing complaints about Apple.]

    When I originally got my 60GB iPod Photo way back when I was somewhat annoyed that the software on either the iPod or iTunes wasn't smart enough to simply update the metadata on the file. Instead it copied over the music whenever I updated the metadata, coverart, etc. This was in the days of 4-6MB music files. Hardly anything earth shattering on FW400 or USB2, and simply took a few minutes to guys are already seeing where I'm going with this aren't you?

    Fast forward to today. I got my 160GB iPod classic a few weeks ago and have been loading up movies on this thing. Specifically a ton of TV content from my DVD collection. I updated the coverart on all my TV shows in my collection about an hour ago. the result?


    Instead of disconnecting my iPod and watching some BSG on my TV I'm sitting here at 1AM because Apple has chosen to take the path of least resistance for update the metadata on this thing.
    And I know someone is going to come back with well the ipod can't do that. Apple designed and/or licensed the OS that runs on the iPod. If it isn't physically capable of updating metadata from the iPod OS they have had years to resolve this. Instead we get the wondrous iPod Phone and iPod Touch instead of fixing something, IMHO, should be considered an issue. until USB3 comes along and brings transfer speeds to FW800 level this, again IMO, is an unacceptable use of bandwidth that Apple should be solving instead of just saying oh well lets copy the bloody files over to the iPod again. Again this was fine when dealing with music. 500-1GB files....not so much anymore.

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    Keeping track of all the meta data changes would be a ridiculous resource hog. The metadata is also stored in each file so it would probably take even longer to sort out the metadata from each file, then remove the old metadata, then copy the new stuff, then rebuild the file. (this could also lead to corruption of the file)

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