Can someone explan in laymans terms...

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by patrickdunn, Sep 1, 2009.

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    I am pretty tech savvy, but I couldn't quite understand what I read online. Can someone explain:

    1. What is Level 2 cache, and what does it do for the computer? I understand it has something to do with RAM, but I'm not quite sure.
    2. What is system bus? I have a Macbook with 800mhz, if I upgrade to the 15 MBP with 1066mhz what will the difference be?

    Thanks to whoever stops by to answer these noob-esq questions.
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    I'll have a pop at it, even though I'm not entirely sure, maybe I'll learn something too...

    Level 2 cache is very fast memory available to the processor, level 1 is even faster. Both types are very expensive, which is where there is very little cache compared to normal system RAM.

    System BUS is the speed at which things can communicate with each other on the logic board. CPU - > Memory. CPU -> expansion slots. etc. The faster the BUS the faster everything "moves" and so the faster your computer is.

    Now, let's see how wrong I am...? :p
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    Nowdays processors have the l2 cache on the processor. There's a good discussion of cpu cache on wikipedia.

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