Can someone help me find an alternative to Evrium's Fluid Lines gallery

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by Renderz, Jul 27, 2009.

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    First, the answer to your question:

    Nice page with over 20 open source freeware Flash solutions for gallery making. Great place to start.

    RE: "complete ripoff"

    I respect your opinion, but if you had spent a little time visiting the site and see what was in the software, you'd see not only does it handle multiple photos, categories and Ajax loading of photos, but it has a complete secure administrative back end GUI interface for uploading and managing all those photos and categories. In addition, it offers visual effects, custom fonts, descriptions and links which are common in many freeware solutions but typically not all at the same time. This one is a complete plug and play solution.

    Yes, I follow your point that a good developer can replicate much of the same functionality with developer tools and sweat equity, not a dollar spent. I'm reacting to how you worded your opinion so viciously against the marketer who found a niche market, nothing more. Someone actually spent a lot of time making a complete package for both end user and administrator, is my point. They have a right to make money for their time as well as the end product, and in this case the features and interface make it a product far superior to what I've seen elsewhere at this price point. It's not so outrageous when all is considered. On a side note I would agree with you if someone had simply thrown together an open source solution requiring manual .fla and XML file editing, for example as many do and slapped $400.00 to download. That didn't happen here.... hardly the case.


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