Can someone please clear Apple Music up for me.

Discussion in 'Apple Music, Apple Pay, iCloud, Apple Services' started by Caris, Jul 10, 2015.

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    So I've been using Apple Music for a week now and I'm really liking it, but the whole set up still confuses me and was wondering if someone could help.

    So, I'm aware it's a streaming service and it merges with your local library. So now in your iTunes you have tons of music, some local and other you can only stream (unless you save it offline). That's cool.

    Now, when I first set it up it uploaded all my stuff to iCloud music library, I'm not sure what this is. It also showed all my purchases I've ever made which was a nightmare to sort out. I did have iTunes match a while ago and used it only for 1 day to re download my entire library in iTunes quality files which worked pretty well.

    The problem is now, after the hours I've spent sorting it out. I keep getting random issues, for example...

    I have an album locally on my Mac, but on my phone for some reason it's showing the same album but only to stream?

    I also have some songs with a cloud symbol and a "x" in it says they're removed from iCloud.

    Another issue is that I've just updated to the iOS and OS X public betas and lost the whole of my workout playlist I made over the past week, except the local files in it.

    Am I right in thinking if I add a song from iTunes music in my phone, it will automatically be added to my Mac? And vise versa? Like the way other iCloud services do, because they seem to be acting separate at the moment.

    If anyone can clear this up it would be very, very helpful.
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    I can't help with everything, but for your first issue, that's expected behavior. Music that you download locally to one device isn't going to show up as local on another. What if you downloaded 40GB of music to your desktop? Do you want all that music suddenly showing up on your phone, using up all its space? Local storage is managed, locally.

    I suspect the loss of the playlist is a bug.

    How it's supposed to work is that if you create a playlist from any of your devices, that playlist will show up on all of them. If you add any song, album, or playlist, from Apple Music to your library, the content becomes available to stream from any of your devices, as part of your library view.

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