Can someone please explain what the current jb story is?

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    So I been away from the iphone for a few months. I had the iphone 4 but left right before the jb came out for it. So what is the current state of jb for the iphone, if I was to buy one again or even wait for the iphone 5? Tethered or untethered? Wth is a blob? lol. There isnt really a faq to read or is there? But any help would be greatly appreciated. :)
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    Current Jailbreak for 4.2.1 is Tethered (using Redsn0w) and there is a Beta out that is currently untethered but required you to have access to the 4.2b3 IPSW and SHSH blobs.

    You can read the following FAQ for more info on terminology:

    Jailbreak FAQ and commonly use Terminology + Guides

    The Official Tethered Jailbreak FAQ
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    It looks to me like that jb still requires 4.1 blobs, just not the 4.2b3 developer blobs.

    However, the chronic dev team released a video of an untethered, jb'n phone that seems to only have the 4.2.1 blobs saved in Cydia. That was two days ago, so there may be a real untethered jb coming.

    Check Redmond Pie and scroll down a bit.
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    Thanks guys, good start for me to read. As I said before I had the iphone 4 and didnt get a chance to jailbreak it so its been a while since I've jailbroken an iphone.

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