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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by guccigucci88, Feb 1, 2011.

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    What the cmda iphone really is? I've googled it and it seems I can only find nerdy tech lingo and can't get a straight forward what it really is. And also whats the big deal with the iphone going to verizon? I don't understand how its exclusive to at&t when you can infact get it with any other carrier. Is it because you can only get it first exclusivly thru at&T? Please someone explain all this crap to me thanks.
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    GSM and CDMA is the way the data is absorbed by your phone. GSM is better for network load vs. CDMA which is better for quality of signal.

    You have read all of the techno talk, so what does this mean to you?

    With CDMA (IE: Verizon iPhone 4 technology) you can not send data while on the phone. I think you can send text but you can not send images or surf the net while you are on the phone.

    With GSM (AT&T) you can send images while texting and on the phone. Not sure how important this is to you, but if you are looking for quality and lower dropped calls, Verizon is the way to go.

    However, AT&T's 3G is faster than Verizon and Sprint's 4G.

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    you can text and talk on verizon. i think you can also send picture and video messages too. Its only when connecting to the internet that is not possible while taking a phone call.
    It seems the issue is that concurrent voice/data has still not implemented rather than not possible.
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    Yes, correct you are, thank you for explaining that a little better.
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