Can someone please see if this 128k has been upgraded?

Discussion in 'Apple Collectors' started by PowerMac G4 MDD, Jun 2, 2016.

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    Hi everyone,

    I came across a '128k' for a good price, but something about it looks a bit fishy. I'd like to check and see if this thing has been upgraded, BEFORE buying. As it is, the seller doesn't know much about it. He thinks it's original inside, but there's no way that he can know for sure.

    It seems to have the back casing, which leads me to believe that, at the least, it could have a 3rd-party RAM upgrade... in which case, I COULD reverse that upgrade - but I'd rather have the entire thing be original.

    Now, there are two warning signs for me. The first is that little badge that someone stuck on the front. I can't read it because of the shoddy picture quality (Does anyone know what it says?), but there's a possibility that it could be a badge from some 3rd-party upgrade. Secondly, there seems to be something funny-looking about the inside of the floppy drive. Now, I'm assuming that the seller has put into the drive one of the disks that comes with the machine (which isn't a boot disk), and that he left it in there after he turned the Mac off, and that that is what can be seen sticking out of it. However, if that's not the case, I feel like I'm looking at a potential drive upgrade, since, with 800k drive upgrades, you can tell by the look of the drive whether it has been upgraded or not. That's not necessarily what an 800k drive is supposed to look like, but it, nevertheless, looks fishy.

    However, if you can't upgrade the drive without upgrading the motherboard (which you can't do without changing the rear casing), then I guess I could rule-out the floppy drive/mobo upgrade. THAT BEING SAID, that still leaves a potential 3rd-party RAM upgrade....

    Here are the pictures:

    What do you all think? -Thanks (And, I may be overreacting about the drive.)

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    It looks like the front badge says ComputerCraft. That's probably a good clue that it was modified, but maybe it was just made available for public use as a rental. Shops used to do that in the old days.
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    I researched some, and I found a forum post from 2005 where the owner of a used 128k asked the same question. Someone said that it was a computer store, and that they may have put that on as a sort of branding type thing. The guy later confirmed that his was a 'virgin' 128k. Perhaps this one I'm looking at ISN'T modified.
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    Oh, wait, but I found this as well:

    I've been reading this list for awhile but don't think i've posted before.
    So hello to all . I recently got a Mac 128k from ebay seller says it was
    upgraded to 512k memory. Is this possible or did someone switch
    the mother board with a 512k one?

    On the back of the Mac it says Macintosh and model #M0001.
    The case is in very nice condition very little if any discoloration.
    There is a case badge like with the name Computer Craft glued
    to the front under the floppy. I haven't tried to take it off as its on
    there pretty good and the color matches the Mac."

    I guess the badge means nothing. ComputerCraft could have sold OR upgraded the computer, or both. There's a chance that a RAM upgrade could have been done.
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    PowerMac G4 MDD

    Jul 13, 2014
    At the intersection of Conch and Coral.
    BTW, do you know if 512k upgrades are visible, externally? I was told that the only upgrade involving a new back casing was the Plus upgrade, and that a 512k-upgraded 128k can still retain its original back casing; in which case, I'd have to crack open the sucker to find out if it has the OG motherboard or not.
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    512k upgrades can not be seen externally. Only mac plus upgrade will have a new back bucket with motherboard as this gave it 1 megabyte of memory and a scsi connection.

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