can someone point me in the right direction?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by mindyish, Feb 16, 2012.

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    Sep 3, 2011
    I am not new to jailbreaking but have never had to unlock before. My 3gs has been unlocked and resting happily at 4.3.3 since, well so long I can't remember. I have an iphone4 (unlockable bb), ipad 2 (which was on 4.3.3 until the a5 jailbreak was released) and an itouch. I have learned all about jailbreaking after a yr of having a friend do it for me and been doing my own since.

    My issue is, all of my devices are on 5.0.1 except the 3gs which is unlocked since I am on tmobile. I love the features of 5.0 firmware like cloud and wifi sync and want them on my main phone. However, I don't know where to start since I need an unlock as well. My friend ended up giving me the 6.15. ipad bb a yr or so ago so I am not sure it even matters.

    Can my old bootrom 3gs on 6.15.00 baseband be updated to 5.0.1 then rejailbroken, unlocked? Do I need to preserve BB? I read 6.15 is irreversible so anything special I need to do to ensure I can use this phone with tmobile after getting up to date with 5.0.1?
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    You'll need to create a custom firmware using the newest version of Redsn0w or PwnageTool. Doing that will get you to 5.0.1, you'll be jailbroken with the preserved baseband. Then install ultrasn0w from Cydia and unlock.

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