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I Need a Drink

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Oct 14, 2013
I have a 27" 2013 iMac that I am going to put an SSD into. I have tried an external, USB 3.0, SSD enclosure in the past, but I wasn't happy with the way that it worked. I let my computers sleep, instead of turning them off, and if the computer slept for too long, usually overnight, the drive would disconnect and I would have to reboot. Also, the USB 3.0 signal, which can disrupt 2.4Ghz signals, kept interfering with my Magic Mouse so the cursor would act weird causing a lot of frustration.

So, I have decided to order this adhesive and Thermal Sensor from Amazon to install the SSD.

However, I know that I also need a mounting bracket for the SSD. I know this one is pretty popular, but my concern is that it connects to the SSD, then I have the Temp Sensor to connect to the bracket, then finally the the SATA connector to the iMac. That seems like a lot on connections between the SATA cable and the actual SSD. Would that cause any performance hit in terms of speed with this setup? Is there a different mount that I should order that works well in the iMac? Thanks.


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Feb 21, 2017
Back End of Beyond
I haven't tried that myself, but from what I've read on the web using the Mac fan control software should work. The only issue would be in those cases where the fan control software doesn't load, like when you do an update or use recovery. I've always used the temp sensor.


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Oct 19, 2014
Have you tried an external thunderbolt case?
When I had a late 2013 21.5” with the slow 1tb 5400rpm hdd I didn’t want to open up the system. I ended up buying a usb3/thunderbolt capable 2tb external he’d. I opened up the case, took the normal drive out of the case and put a 500gb SSD into it instead. Installed OS X on it and it ran just fine.

I had read of people having problems with usb3, but thunderbolt working fine as a Mac boot drive. If you use thunderbolt you can also enable TRIM on the SSD, which isn’t possible over usb with Macs, I believe.

I am also using a twelvesouth HiRise for iMac which lets you keep the external drive out of sight.
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