Can someone tell me about Lenses?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by GreyFox1221, May 3, 2006.

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    I know what they are, but i have a few questions;
    -What to the things like 50mm and f/2.8D mean
    -Can I mix and match lenses with bodies (i.e. Nikon lens with Pentax body)
    -What kind should i have a hobbyist
    I plan on getting a Pentax *ist DL in the next two months so these are some things I want to know.
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    XXmm is the lens focal length, it is related to perspective. Think of it like this, you put your hands infront of your eye and make a box. Now not changing the size of the box look at a tree or something and move the box away from you, and closer to your eye. When it is closer to your eye is is a wider angle lens and would have a focal length around 10-30mm When the box is away from your eye the focal length is long and we call it telephoto, like 200-300mm.

    f/2.8 is the ratio between the focal length and the diameter of the lens opening. This has to do with how much light is coming through the lens. The higher the f stop number the less light is coming through the lens. It also has to do with Depth of Field, or how much of the linear distance from the focal plane is considered in focus. The higher the number the wider the DOF. This is dependent on focal length too, but its beyond the scope of what you need to know right now.
    Short answer, no.
    Long answer, yes, but not with that combination. There Fuji and Kodak make bodies with different lens manufacturer's mounts. However there are 3rd party lens manufacturers that make lenses for a variety of mounts, such as Sigma, Tamron, and Tokina.
    Kind of camera or lens? Camera, something popular with lots of lens choices, which kinda knocks out Pentax camera bodies. Go for Canon or Nikon.
    As for lenses, get a moderate zoom like the Sigma 18-125mm. Thats a good allaround starting lens and can be found in a variety of mounts.
    Look at it has lots of reviews of different camera bodies. I think people should stay away from Pentax and Minolta bodies. And I prefer Canon, if you're wondering.
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