Can sparseimage be backed up on Dropbox safely?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by PaperQueen, Jan 18, 2010.

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    I can't believe I don't know this.....

    I've been using a sparseimage folder for sensitive documents I don't want prying eyes to see, should someone get their mitts on my computer (nothing racy or exciting...sorry to disappoint). Quite some time ago, there were numerous threads popping up on Google about corrupted sparseimage files, the damage being blamed on backup software.

    I use Time Machine for routine Dropbox for offsite duplicates of critical files.

    To date, I've left the sparseimage folder out of the Dropbox folder, concerned it might be damaged otherwise (trusting Apple to play nice on its own equipment). Lately, paranoia is getting the better of me. Feels like that folder ought to be in Dropbox, but.......risky?

    I'm not worried about the password being hacked. It's pretty tough. Just want to be sure the folder itself won't be torn to ribbons by Dropbox.

    Thanks in advance, oh wise ones......
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    You can use a checksum program to verify the integrity of the sparseimage by comparing checksums on your machine and in the dropbox folder.

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