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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by heycal, Nov 2, 2014.

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    Jul 25, 2013
    I'm currently trying out an Android after six months on the iphone 4, and years of android before that. I'm aware of many of the pros and cons of each type of phone, but wanted to find out if a couple of specific things on Android are available on the iphone 6:

    1. I get a few nuisance calls a day from all over the country. I discovered an app called "Blacklist" that allows me to block callers, and divert any that are not in my contacts list straight to voicemail. It is a Godsend. I love it. No more fumbling to answer calls from direct marketers or fundraisers. Now when the phone rings, I know it's a legitimate call from someone I know.

    Is there any app like this for iphone that can work just as well? (I know you can add individual numbers to a blocked call list, but that's something different and far less effective).

    2. Does 'ok google' or 'google now' work on iphone? I rather like it.

    3. Somehow I've set up this phone I'm using to interface with Facebook in a way that I prefer to previous methods. I'v set it up to get notified when an actual message comes in, not any other annoying FB notifications. A little icon appears at the top of the screen, and when I tap it takes me into the notifcation area that shows me a few lines of the message.

    Not only is this convenient and non-obstrusive, I think it also means that the sender of the message might not realize I've read it if I only look at in my notification bar. When you read a message in the Facebook app itself, it definitely shows you've read it. Could I set up an iphone 6 the same way?
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    1. Is natively supported, no extra apps required, simply go to Settings > Phone > Blocked and add any number you like.

    2. You can do this, only it's Siri you have to use instead of Google.

    3. Download the facebook messenger app, you get notifications from it without people knowing that you read them.

    So essentially, yes you can setup your iPhone 6 this way.
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    1. iBlacklist--which is a jailbreak app (and not yet working on 8.1). There is no real whitelist function available for stock iOS, only blocking individual numbers. The closest you can come is to leave your phone on DND all the time and set it to allow calls from all contacts. But that will silence all other notifications too, so it's still not ideal for most people. I believe you can also do this by forwarding your number to Google Voice and setting up a whitelist there that will forward back to your phone; I haven't personally tried it, but read up on it a few months back.

    2. Can't help you with this one.

    3. FB's Messenger app has settings to allow you to preview messages as part of notifications.
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    Siri does the things OK Google does on Android natively, but for questions and Web queries, if you prefer the Google assistant, you can download the Google app and then when you launch that you can just say OK Google.
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    As I mentioned, that's very different, and a mostly useless feature for nuisance calls, which come from all sorts of new and random numbers. I only want calls from contacts to ring.

    Bummer about this whitelist/blacklist thing. Blacklist is a hugely helpful app.

    Will FB messenger send a notification and at least part the message to the lock screen/notification area?

    As I have it now on this android, and without FB messenger installed, a little icon appears at the top of the screen, and when I pull it down it shows the message.
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    Jul 25, 2013
    Cool, thank you.

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