Can The Time On The Watch Be Changed Without The Iphone

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by Bulldog3777, Mar 20, 2017.

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    Will the Apple Watch with GPS change time zones automatically when you travel without the Iphone?
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    Good question, but pretty sure it uses the iPhone time
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    Believe it or not, I have lost 2 Iphones while traveling. I got a burner to travel with and my original watch will not change.
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    Should be merged with your other thread,

    or change the title (of both threads) to something like, "Can the watch's time be changed without a connection to the iPhone?"
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    I do not know how to merge or delete a thread.
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    Copying from the other thread; maybe the attached images will work:

    (going by memory here)

    I've got several time zones set up in World Clock in the phone's Clock app.

    They're all accessible on the Watch as a complication. When you customize a face, select a complication position and scroll down to World Clock. The different time zones are grouped together towards the bottom of the list.

    #5 here talks briefly about complications:

    I think I used the AW app on the phone to rename some of the alternate time zones to what I wanted, like "GMT" for London time, etc.

    But like I said before, though, I don't think there's a way to create and show a brand new time zone on the AW itself, or to change the watch's location (and, thus, its displayed time) in AW's native Settings. For example, here in the US, I have Eastern, Central, and Pacific times set in my phone, but no Mountain time. I don't think I'd be able to set my AW to Mountain time without the help of my phone (which would pick up Mountain time if I fly into Denver, Colorado).

    To continue from the above post --

    No, I can't find a way to change the watch's time zone to one that hasn't already been made available on the Clock app on the phone.

    Here's mine. In World Clock, I have several cities:

    I can change their abbreviated names in Watch app -> Clock -> City Abbreviations:

    I can then set them as Complications on a face on the Watch:

    I mentioned the XL watch face. This is how it looks with another time zone as the big central complication:
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    I have three suggestions:

    - Set up your travel destination's time zone on your phone beforehand and make sure you can use it on the Watch as above;

    - Set up twenty-four time zones on your phone (actually, maybe 26 or so because some places are a half-hour off) so you can choose any time zone in the world on the watch later.

    - Use a regular watch when you travel. Half the purpose of the AW is notifications, navigation, -- all those "smart" uses -- and without the phone, it's pretty limited. It's also an additional gadget to keep charged up (even if perpetually keeping it in Airplane Mode extends the battery life to two or three days).

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