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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by Hooleydog, Feb 21, 2018.

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    Guys I have 2 GTX 1070 (Cost a small fortune) graphics cards, and I was wondering if they can be flashed for Mac Pro usage, or will the run anyway, as I'm installing windows 7 on another partition anyway..
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    You can use then on the Mac now, flash is not required unless you need the boot screen.

    Also, I think SLI can be enabled by software method if the motherboard is not supported.
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    Does SLI have any real possibilities in macOS with eGPU's on the horizon? Likely would not benefit much on a cMP 5,1 but would give some hope for future MacPro's.
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    My Graphi
    Well I mean that all I want is to run one card in my Mac. The other one can stay with my Dell... SLI not in portent in my Mac Pro..
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    Hi.. I hav
    Hi I have tried the software method.. But even though I copied the video driver to the same folder as the program, so DifferentSLIAuto could patch it. It can't find the driver... so that program didn't work...

    Oh, it's called DifferentSLIAuto

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