Can this AV Sender work on my mac?


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Jan 23, 2002
East Coast
It looks like you'd need to have an A/V output on your iMac. There's probably an adapter that you'd have to buy (probably $20 at Apple - don't know the UK conversion). However, it's likely that the adapter would give you a s-video output. So you'd need another adapter to get from s-video to RCA video (aka composite video, often a yellow plug). You'd also need to get an adapter for sound. The iMac has a miniJack, so you'd need an adapter for the miniJack to RCA audio (red and white plugs). Of course your TV probably has the required RCA plugs on its end.

When you've got all of the required adapters and plugs and cables, you'd need to set your Mac to PAL (although it'll probably auto-detect the TV and change itself). And don't expect the screen to be as crisp as a computer monitor as the TV won't have the resolution for fine text. Video will be fine.

You could probably get all of the adapters and plugs for around $40 in the US. UK is a different story.
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