Can this be done in iWork rather than Word?

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    Without getting into the rants of which one is better, iWork or Office for Mac, I am trying to help my good friends daughter who just got a new Mac and being a university student needs some specific jobs to be done on her Mac.

    I need to know IF there is something in iWork that will allow her to do this as we are tring to avoid having to get her Office for Mac.

    Can someone please let me know if this can be done and if so, how exactly?


    What she needs to do is " Dragging endnote citations into the document and having them be cited in APA format"
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    I don't know. But also check the forums over at the Community Pages on the Apple site. Those pages are strictly for getting help, and are filled with loads of very knowledgable users. This site, while useful and fun, is not primarily focussed on offering help.

    I haven't checked into the new Community Support pages there since they recently revamped them, but it's where I go when I have a particularly technical question. And I've always gotten an answer there.
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    Thanks, will check it out

    assume u mean through
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    or you could just google "pages endnote" or, god forbid, read the manual.

    I did so and got the below, which seems to mean that you can't use "cite while you write," but you can use the "Format Paper" function.

    Seriously, read the manual.


    Word Processor Compatibility (Format Paper)

    You can create formatted citations and bibliographies for your papers without using Cite While You WriteTM for Microsoft® Word or Pages '09 . Use Format Paper to cite references and create bibliographies for documents that can be saved as RTF, including documents created with:
    • Microsoft® Word
    • WordPerfect®
    • OpenOffice.orgTM Writer
    • Nisus Writer
    • Apple iWork Pages
    • TextEdit
    • Mellel
    • Almost any application that can save as RTF (Rich Text Format)
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    People come to these forums for answers, and I have to say "read the manual," as far as answers go, is not tremendously helpful, nor is the generic answer to use the "format paper" function. To the OP if your niece has to write many papers, she really should get Office. Pages is great and for personal stuff I actually prefer it, but for papers Office is a must and Office for Mac is the one piece of software created by Microsoft that is actually not frustrating to use.

    Oh, and if I am reading this correctly, it seems she needs to reformat the entire paper from one that uses endnotes to APA. I have never had to do that, but it seems to me that cite while you write should be able to handle that.
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    I use Pages '09 with EndNote X4 to write my academic papers. I don't drag and drop from EndNote into Pages because there's actually a faster way to insert an EndNote reference into your Pages document, via a hotkey (and also just from trying it now it seems like dragging a reference from EndNote into a Pages document gives you a temporary EndNote citation rather than a fully formatted APA-compliant one). If your niece wants intext citations in APA format as well as an APA-compliant bibliography, EndNote will do that in Pages and it does it all in one step, i.e.:

    While working in Pages, when I need to insert a reference into my paper, I hit Command-Shift-E and an EndNote search window pops up. I type my search words to find the reference I want, then pick the reference from the results that come up and click "Insert" (or hit Return; no need to mouse). EndNote inserts the reference in APA format into my paper, and also adds an entry for it into my bibliography at the end of the paper (also APA format). EndNote has hundreds of other reference formats that you can use instead of APA as well, by the way. So Pages with EndNote will do what she wants, although not necessarily drag and drop.

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