Can Verizion plug a phone into iTunes at their stores?

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    Sep 26, 2008
    My parents upgraded both their phones to iPhone 6s a week ago. Last night they did an OTA update to 8.1. One updated properly, the other now shows the Plug Into ITunes image.

    Plug into iTunes seems easy enough, but their computer a mac mini G4, so its worthless for updating the phone.

    Closest apple store is over 2 hours away. They don't have the time to make a 5 hour trip at this moment.

    Me dad says he is just going to make it Verizon's problem and have them fix it. I am not sure if they even have iTunes there to fix it.

    The next option is to have him mail me his phone, or I can load up my imac and drive across the state and fix it.

    In the meantime they are down one phone.

    So my question is, does a Verizon store have iTunes and are they willing to plug a phone in to fix it?
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    Jun 14, 2010
    I'd guess no, but anything's possible.

    Do they have a BestBuy nearby and does that BB have an Apple department? The macs there should have iTunes and/or the folks at the geek squad may be able to help.

    Alternately - do they have any friends who own computers? Talk them through things remotely and/or leverage something like or similar for remote screen sharing / control.
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    Verizon will not restore your phone for you and even if they had itunes installed they wont do it.
    Find a computer, any computer in the world with access to internet and itunes and restore it yourself.
    Shouldnt be that hard to solve yourself.

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