Can we submit 3.0 binaries yet?

Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by fenrus110, Jun 1, 2009.

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    I recall in that email back on May 7, All apps must be compatible with iPhone OS 3.0 ... Beginning today, all submissions to the App Store will be reviewed on the latest beta of iPhone OS 3.0.

    I gave my client a binary compiled in 3.0 and when he tried to submit it, he got the message, "Applications built with the 3.0 SDK cannot currently be submitted to iTunes. You will be notified when you can submit these applications."

    Are we to just test in 3.0, but build and submit in 2.2.1?
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    Correct. It won't accept a binary compiled for 3.0. But it has to run in 3.0 or it will be rejected. Assuming it's like 2.0, all devs will get an email saying when they can submit.

    From what others have said in one of the other threads, some bigger development shops are already submitting their 3.0 apps. I cannot confirm or deny that, but I know I cannot submit yet (tried this morning).
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    Apr 28, 2009
    Hello so i just installed iphone sdk 3.0 beta 5 build 9m2735. and when i compile my application and run the simulator on the laptop, all i get is a black screen. the buttons however are there because if i click it--it works. the sound also works. but all i see is black screen. there was no errors or warnings so i do not know what is going on or if there's something im missing in the settings.

    please help.

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