Can you add a caption to pics taken on your iPhone

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    Hi all,

    Not sure what phrase(s) to use for a search, have tried "caption pictures iPhone" and some others with no luck.

    What I am wondering is this. Is there any way, or an app that will allow me to add a caption to those pictures in my Camera Roll that were taken on the iPhone itself? I can understand why you can't modify the pictures in other albums that have been sync'd from iPhoto on your MacBook/PC and then downloaded to the iPhone.

    Say when I upload a picture to Facebook using the Facebook app on the iPhone, it allows me to assign a caption to the pic as I upload it. But of course that caption is stored on Facebook, not locally on the iPhone. This would be so handy so I can remember what the picture is, where/when it was taken, etc.. long after I forget those details.

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    An app that I found yesterday called 'Comic Touch' does this very well. They also do a free lite version of the app that leaves a watermark in the bottom right hand corner.

    The developers (plasq) also do a fully featured comic program for the mac which we use with our school kids!


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