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    I'm sorry I don't know exactly what forum this would be best to put this under, but I thought this would be the best. My question is what is the difference between the i3, i5, and i7 processor. Also what kind of AMD processor is comparable to these, and what speeds. Can you also explain the difference between the the dual core and the quad core, I know one is 2 cores and one is 4, but I mean in terms of processing. Thanks for all your help!

    Also can you explain how much difference is between the AMD Radeon HD 6490M with 256MB GDDR5 memory and the AMD Radeon HD 6750M with 1GB GDDR5 memory

    sorry about all the questions, but i want to be well informed, because im looking at every angle for a new computer.
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    I'm not sure I understand what you want us to tell you.
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    start with google ... research is what you need
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    That is the main difference. i7 gives you four cores.

    If you don't know what that means, you probably don't need it, because I'd wager that your software won't leverage the capability. That's not a pejorative statement-- there for folks who do video editing, Photoshop and virtual machines all day long for whom such hardware will make a significant difference. For others, it's a waste of money.

    Incidentally, your mention of AMD processors suggests you're comparing specs with Windows computers as well. Here's a tip: today, there's a whole lot more that goes into your computing experience than the specs claimed by the vendors. CPU clock speed in particular is a piss-poor metric of how well a computer will satisfy you.

    If you're an everyday user with everyday needs, an i5 is fine. Spend your money on quality componentry, world-class support and a rock-solid operating system. ...I think you might see where I'm going with those thoughts... ;-)

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