Can you get sata III on a 2006 mac pro?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by cen7779, Oct 3, 2012.

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    I have been looking on google and came across 2:

    In the details for the apricorn one is sounds like it isn't worth it. It says it provides sata3 connection speed in the description but there is a little grey box on the lower right that says in a macpro1,1 it tops out at 250MB/s. I believe that is less than the sata2 speed at the hdd bays. I am thinking they must be using only 1 lane of the pcie hence the limit.

    The sonnettech one says it is faster and looks like it uses more than one lane so maybe. But I can't find it saying it will work as a boot drive.

    The last thought I had was to get a esata3 pcie expansion card for my mac pro wire it back into the case run a power adapter from the disk drive bay and use some adhesive velcro to hold the ssd in place, maybe stick it to the cowling over the cpu heat sinks.

    Or will not get much of a performance improvement with sata3 and should just put the ssd in a hdd sled.


    Thanks in advance.
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