Can you keep itunes pointed to NAS and use iphone remote?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Sach160, Oct 4, 2013.

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    Oct 3, 2013

    I'm trying to use my MacBook Air itunes to stream music from my synology NAS, controlling it with the iPhone remote app. This works when you set it up but my macbook and nas are scheduled to sleep overnight, and in the morning when both devices have awoken I cannot play music using the iphone remote app without going to itunes in the mac and playing a song. Is this a limitation of the iphone remote perhaps?

    Can anyone suggest a way of fixing or getting around the issue - maybe some kind of script to get the mac to automatically start playing a song in the morning and stopping it immediately, just to get that connection going? I'm not familiar with macs so wouldn't know how to create one. Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks.
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    Oct 3, 2013
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    How did you set up your iTunes?

    One way is to simply have the itunes library and db file on the Synology and the other way is to have the iTunes library "local" but use the "add to library" feature and uncheck the move files to the library when adding files. The latter in essence puts your catalogue for the music on your computer and when you ask for a song, it creates a handshake with your NAS.

    The challenges with putting both the NAS and computer to sleep is afterwards, the computer loses its "link" / handshake with the NAS.

    I believe you should try two things to see if it helps.

    1) Use the method of keeping your iTunes Library local but do the add to library step with the box uncheck for moving the files.
    2) Set up your computer that when it boots up, there is a connection to the NAS. I don't recall off hand the method but it was simple. What this may do is create the link you need before iTunes is used. You probably can select a folder within your Synology where the music is stored.

    You may want to start with this link and read through to the bottom
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    Oct 3, 2013

    Many thanks for the reply. I have used both methods for adding music to the library, so it shows up both under 'music' and 'shared libraries'.

    I have changed my energy schedule to shutdown at night and restart in the morning (rather than just sleep) and have added the NAS folder with my music to the list login items in system preferences/users and groups. I'll post back tomorrow on whether this works. Cheers.
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    I have a SYNOLOGY Nas as well and your problem is that the computer looses the connection to the NAS when you power it off overnight and then power on again in the morning. You can run a script to remap the server connection to the NAS. I am assuming here that when you say sleep you actually use the facility on the NAS to automatically power on and off.

    I chose a different way. I keep all my music on the desktop and use the Cloud service on the NAS to keep it current with the NAS as well as my MAC MINI. This has the added advantage that when I travel with my desktop i have all my music with me.
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    The iTunes library is setup and resides on Macintosh HD. The music and apps are stored on Macintosh HD. The movies are stored on a Synology DS1813+ NAS. iTunes is configured not to copy media when added. The movies were then drag and drop into iTunes. The movies play fine from iTunes.

    However, there are sync issues with iPhones and iPads when movies are selected.

    Is it possible to sync movies that reside on a NAS?

    FWIW, the movies were originally on Macintosh HD 2 using the same method. iTunes sync with iPhones and iPads worked fine. Yes, each movie was removed and added again to the library from the NAS.
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    Oct 3, 2013
    Hi, just to report back - setting a connection to the music folder in login items works, most of the time. Sometimes it doesn't and I have to open the mac up. It's not an ideal solution but it's the best I've found for now!

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