Can you logout during a first time time machine backup?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by Snoosedaddy, Dec 25, 2012.

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    Wasn't able to find any info on this. Doing a 615GB backup, and still have 4 hours to go. My wife wants to log in to her account, but not sure if I can logout while this initial backup is running. Can I?
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    RE: switching users...

    Hi Snoosedaddy,

    Since your post was from yesterday, and you only had 4 hours left on your TM backup, then I assume you have already solved your problem.

    If you ever need to do this again, however, then you might consider just switching users instead of logging out one user to log in the other user. This way the processes of the first user will still run while you are logged into the second user's account.

    To switch user accounts, open the "Users & Groups" pane of System Preferences, unlock the pane with an administrator's password so that you can then click on the "Login Options" pane. Check the "Show fast user switching menu as `Short Name'" button. Close the System Preferences pane. You should now notice your user's shortname listed near the top right-hand corner of your top menu bar. Clicking on your shortname should bring up a menu of other user's short names, and clicking on a different user's shortname will open a window to log in the second user. This leaves the first user's login process and subprocesses still running in the background, and switches to the second user's login process and subprocesses associated with the second user's WindowServer (GUI for 2nd user). The fast switch menu then allows you to switch back and forth between the various user accounts without having to log out of any of them.

    Edit: I should also add that in general it is alright to log out, put your machine in sleep mode, and even power off your machine during a TM backup. TM will pick up where it left off the last time. Now I haven't ever tested this capability during the very first TM Backup, but it does work for subsequent backups as I probably test this often since I'm always disconnecting my laptop from my network and I never even think about whether or not it was in the middle of a TM backup. (Being prudent, I always have allowed the very first TM backup to finish before disconnecting, though.)

    Good luck and happy holidays,

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