Can you make a Boot Camp partition using a VMware Fusion partition? [solved]

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    I know it's possible the other way around so how about what's proposed in the thread title?

    I'm hoping it's possible because I don't have a physical Windows disc to boot. If not, will using Disk Utility to burn the ISO image I have to a blank DVD be sufficient? Lastly, if it is, would popping in the DVD to my Macbook and seeing if the content is recognized be a good enough indicator as to whether or not the disc will be recognized during the process of creating a Boot Camp partition? I'll need to know if the disc was burned properly ahead of time because I'm going to need to reinstall my Mac OS X before I can even make progress in Boot Camp Assistant; so I'd like to know if the disc will even work before I bother reinstalling my Mac.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    Extra information:
    -I have an early 2009 13" white Macbook. (Snow Leopard 10.6.6)
    -My current VMware Fusion partition is Windows 7 Home Premium x64.
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    What you are asking about is what is known as a V2P conversion (virtual to physical). It can be done, but unlike P2V there are few if any tools that lead you through the process.

    Burning your ISO to DVD using Disk Utility (or Burn OS X if you are less familiar with Disk Utility's burning features) is generally your best bet.

    If your product key is an OEM key, you may have trouble activating it when you complete the new install. Call Microsoft and it should get resolved. If it's a retail key all should go smoothly.

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    Ah, I was hoping Boot Camp would have an option to create a V2P partition like VMware Fusion does with P2V conversions. Since it doesn't, looks like I'll be burning the ISO image to a blank DVD with Disk Utility; oh and I actually do have a retail key.

    So, with Disk Utility, do I just simply select burn and go through the prompts? I actually don't have a blank DVD at the moment so I have no clue what sort of course I'll be going through to properly burn the ISO image.

    By the way, thanks for your help yet again. :p
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    Oct 31, 2009
    Thanks to the both of you. I'll mark this thread as solved. :]

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