Can you make this Puzzle fit?


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Feb 11, 2005
Right, well I am on my way to obtaining a new 15” PB and very excited about it I must say. Now I need somewhere to keep it safe, and something keeping it safe when traveling, as It will be doing laps around Thailand with me all summer. The trick is to carry it with my other gear that will be tagging along as well.

This is quite the gear puzzle to get it all to fit nicely and safely

Here’s what I am lugging with me… (Carry on style)

15” PB with misc. accessories (lock, small mouse, cords)
Large SLR Camera with multiple lenses (2-3)
iPod and/or PDA
Notebook + Book(s) + Pens
And a handful of important documents

So… now I am looking for a backpack to hold all this safely, and still have easy access to the items inside. Another factor is that I will also be doing day trips where I do not take the PB with me, therefore I still need some sort of sleeve to keep it in while its out of the bag.

Any Ideas?

Also, anyone have a suggestion for a strong, reliable traveling lock?


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Aug 1, 2004
You might want to check out Crumpler.
I can't speak to the quality of their bags, but I have their Powerbook Sleeve (School Hymn) and absolutely love it.

Something like the Farmer's Double or the Formal Lounge might be what you are looking for.


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Sep 20, 2004
Denver, CO
If you want some serious protection, check out RadTech's MacTruck cases. I cannot vouch for them personally, but they look to be pretty much indestructible and pretty darn functional.

As for bags, I know a lot of people that love their Timbuk2 bags. I'm not sure if they make one that is quite what you're looking for, but they're worth a look.

On a separate note, I'm very jealous of your future travels. Have fun!


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Nov 2, 2004
Mission, KS

I have a crumpler bag (seedy three) that i've used every day for the past year. It still looks like it's brand new and it's waterproof, which gives me some piece of mind with my iBook in there. They're a little pricy, but the guarantee is awesome and their customer service seems really good (i had just a random question for them and they got back to me that day by email)


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Jun 29, 2004
I'd check out Lowepro packs..... they make camera-specific padded packs with laptop slots. I've got a large video system-specific pack that is perfect and sturdy enough for hardcore skiing with. They're good stuff.
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