Can you mix 1066 & 1333 speed Ram

Discussion in 'iMac' started by ststephen, Jun 3, 2011.

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    I have 2x4gigs of matched OWC 1066 speed iMac ram, which i inherited after its iMac, (a "late" 2009-27" model), died 3 months out of warrantee. (The power supply/logic board fried during start up/log in, and apple wanted close to $2K to fix it??!).

    I replaced it with the "NEW" model 27" i5 quad, which comes with 2x2 gigs of 1333 ram.

    The iMacs purpose in life is to run my business's Front Desk's duties, as a PC Client to a Dell Server in another part of the office. Yes, its been the most wonderful wireless relationship (WLAN), as the imac (the old dead one, and its newborn clone), was/is running Vista/Fusion, and Snow Leopard, flawlessly for 18 months. OS 10.6.7 & the VM needs at least 8 gigs to run properly!

    My several 14, 12, 10 year old Macs can't understand a fellow infant Mac dropping dead like this?

    ***The Big Q: CAN I ADD THE 8 GIGS OF THE 1066 SPEED RAM, to the 4 gigs of 1333 Ram it comes with, WITHOUT FRYING THIS ONE, (yes, I got apple care), or without any noticeable slowdown/freezes/crashes?***
    PS: if not, anyone interested in the RAM?
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    May 6, 2011
    Yes, speeds will be clocked down to the lowest one.

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