Can you move your Gmail emails to iCloud/MobileMe?

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    And if so, how would I do so?

    I have years of mail on Gmail... I want my Gmail emails to simply be "transferred" to the iCloud account. Is it possible? Thanks in advance!
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    You can easily do it with the It's very easy with Lion, you just need to add a gmail account* and then add a mobileme account. All you have to give is your login credentials and will do the rest. You will then see 2 accounts in mail, 1 for gmail and 1 for mobilme.

    All you then need to do is copy your folders overs from gmail to mobilme.

    * You might have to first enable IMAP under gmail settings -> Forwarding & Pop/IMAP
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    move email, calendar, contacts from gmail to iCloud

    This is how you switch from Gmail to iCloud on your Mac and leave your gmail intact in case you ever want to go back. Description how to move your contact, agenda and all your email to iCloud:

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