Can you rip our app to pieces, please?

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by hiclub, Apr 28, 2015.

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    Apr 28, 2015
    Our app is basically a newborn fresh out of the digital womb and taking its first breaths in Appstore, and we are DYING for *merciless* critique. We have asked our friends and of course they were awfully nice and not very helpful. We really need to hear negative feedback for a change. Anyone secretly wishing to tell a fellow app developer how we've screwed up with pretty much everything about our iBaby? :) Please, don't hold back!

    A quick description of the app as per fhall1's suggestion: it's a voice-based conversation platform for talking to other users in your time zone. We are currently testing a few concepts to have a better idea of how the users will choose to use our app, but our original idea is to tap into the Toastmasters niche and help people enjoy intelligent conversations and practice their public speaking skills, one listener at a time. We take privacy very seriously, so you are not asked to sign in using other social networks like Facebook or provide any information about yourself other than your phone number, and our user profiles don't even have user pictures (to make sure we are not misidentified as a "meat market" type of app for casual hookups). While our current app store description is suggestive of dating/matching, we are just testing out different messages and our next one is going to focus on conversations with like-minded people.!club/id954897334?ls=1&mt=8
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    First, you should have let people know in your original post what the app is - instead of making people click your link.

    For those that don't know, it's a "meetup" app for people seeking a partner for "whatever" (you can imagine what it's for).

    I think that's going to limit the feedback you'll get here.
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    Apr 28, 2015
    fhall1, thank you for your feedback. fair enough, and I'll edit my original post in a second. however, our app is not a "meetup" type — it's for voice-based conversations and its primary goal is reviving the art of conversation in the age of obsessive texting. we realize that some people are lonely and will use it to meet a potential romantic partner, however the idea behind it is just to get people talking, and it is equally likely that people will use it to practice their elocution (think Toastmasters) or look for friends, not romance. unlike those apps for people seeking a partner for you-imagine-what-for HiClub neither supports user pictures (so people have no idea what you look like and cannot pick chat partners based on their appearence) nor can you add anyone to contacts or contact them directly (you will be randomly connected to other users based on our built-in algorithm and while you can increase your chance to talk to the same person again in the future you cannot guarantee they will be picked as your chat partner again). so thanks for responding to my original request and politely "ripping us to pieces" but still, we are not quite what you suggest we are. :eek:
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    "H!Club – A social club of interesting people with one purpose… to connect, fall in love and share life’s magnificent journey"

    Your App Store description and response here in the forum seem to contradict each other. Remember, the description is the first impression of your app, and the first impression you're giving is that it's a voice version of Tinder/other dating apps, not for casual conversations.

    If you want to tap into the crowd that's not interested in dating but wants to chat with someone, you have to make sure your app's description fits that.

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