Can you secure empty the iphoto trash can?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Jazzandmetal?, Sep 12, 2008.

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    Or does it automatically do it when you empty it?
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    If you're that worried about it you can drag the files to the desktop and then to the trash to secure erase them. I don't think iPhoto can use secure empty.
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    Even then you can still recover it :D
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    I can't drag something to the desktop trash from iphoto.

    Don't use it for porn either.:p
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    Dragging it to the desktop and then to the trash would only make a copy. That won't help securely deleting the original file in the iPhoto library.

    I suppose you could manually go into your iPhoto library in Finder by right clicking on it, choosing "Show Package Contents," and then going into the Originals folder to find and trash them from there like any other file. This might really screw up your library, though, so I don't recommend it.
  7. MacExperimenter, May 15, 2015
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    How to securely delete pictures from iPhoto

    Yes, there is a way to securely delete photos in iPhoto.
    I have tested this method.

    First of all, DO NOT use the iPhoto trash can to delete photos that you want to securely delete. A tech savvy person possibly could recover the files.

    Note 1: I used iPhoto ’08 for this method. Other versions may have different commands.
    Note 2: iPhoto commands and Finder commands are in bold.
    Note 3: Always Quit iPhoto before deleting or swapping files from your iPhoto Library using the Finder.

    Step 1: Take a small screenshot of a section of your Mac Desktop. (This will be the file you will swap for original files.)
    Step 2: Open iPhoto
    Step 3: Locate the picture you want to delete
    Step 4: From the file menu, choose “Export...
    Step 5: From the pop-up window, choose “Kind: Current
    Step 6: Also choose “File Name: Use filename
    Step 7: Click on the “Export” button (or hit return on your keyboard)
    Step 8: From the next popup window, copy the file name from the “Save As” text
    Step 9: Close the popup window. (Click on the “OK” button if you want a copy of the picture to help your memory.)
    Step 10: Quit iPhoto

    Step 11: Perform a search of the file name on your computer. Each iPhoto picture contains two files in the iPhoto Library: one in the Originals folder, and on in the Data folder. From the Finder, Get Info on both files (or press the tab bar on your keyboard) to ensure you have the correct files.

    Step 12: From the Finder, Open Enclosing Folder for both files.
    Step 13: From the Finder, locate the screenshot you took earlier, and select its name.
    Step 14: Paste, to replace the screenshot name with the picture name from iPhoto.

    Step 15: From the Finder, drag both files (the “Originals” file and the “Data" File) to the Trash, then Secure Empty Trash...

    Step 16: Copy the screenshot file to both iPhoto folders you deleted the files from (option drag it).

    Step 17: Open iPhoto. The deleted picture has been replaced with the screenshot picture, but with the same name. Delete this picture using iPhoto to avoid confusion between swapped pictures.

    Step 18: Repeat Steps 3-17 for each picture you want to securely delete.
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    Did you notice that this topic is SEVEN years old? Could be a new record for a topic resurrection. :D

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