Can you trust an Apple Genius?

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    I recently took my MBP to the Apple Store White city for the second time as some of the keys were sticking. My MBP was to be repaired under apples Keyboard Service Program for MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro. After Apple had possession of my MBP for 14 days, I got a phone call telling me that they found water damage and the repair would cost me £517.80. I went up to the apple store to find out what was happening and spoke to an apple Genius, who told me that I needed to replace the top cover and both IO boards and started showing me pictures of the water damage. When I asked to see the water tab indicators that had been triggered I was told that you could only see the water damage and the triggered water indicator tabs under UV light. After some discussion the Genius and the store manager decided they would open up my MBP and took it into the clean room where they open up all apple products. This was the same clean room that they walked strait into with the same clothes they were warring in the shop. I was not allowed to see anything, as apple does not let you see inside your own property. About 40 minutes later they reappeared with my MBP, I was told that none of the water tab indicators had been triggered I was lucky that the water had not reached the logic board. There was water under some keys, it had gotten under the fans and damaged both IO boards. As I could not afford the repair at that time I took my MBP saying I would get it repaired later.

    A few weeks later when I had the money; I took my MBP to the istore an Apple Authorized Service Provider as they could do the repair quicker. The istore looked at my MBP said that I needed a new top cover the price with labour would be £598.37. As it was cheaper to be repaired by apple I opted to take my MBP to apple to have the repair done.

    I took my MBP to the Apple Store Kingston upon Thames to have the repair done. It was at this point I think I made a mistake I asked when I come to collect my MBP could I please see the components that are removed from my MBP I was told no its against apple policy I asked again and was told no thee battery might explode and was asked if I did not trust the apple genius. I replied no if I take my car in for repair I ask the mechanic to keep the parts removed from my car for my inspection to allow me to confirm what has been done and that it was necessary and again I was told I could not inspect the parts that were removed from my MBP. I was then asked to sing the work authorisation that said I authorised apple to use new and refurbished parts in the repair. I said as I am paying for the repair that I do not want second hand parts used in the repair yet again I was told that I had no choice but to accept this. I then said if you are using second hand parts in the repair that I would expect the cost of the parts to be reduced as you would not expect second hand part to be the same price as new parts I was told that the price of the repair already reduced for the second hand parts but they did not know what parts would be new or second hand and that if I did not accept this then I could not have the repair done having no choice I agreed to have the repair done. a few days later I got a call from the apple store informing me that the repair would cost £1211.40 this is to replace the logic board both fans both IO boards and the top cover.

    You are left with no choice if you want your apple product repaired you have to accept that you can not inspect the parts removed that you own property and you have no idea how many parts that have been used in the repair are second hand and are being charged for new parts.

    After watching on YouTube the CNN report Genius Bar caught ripping customers off

    It shows how good an apple genius is at identifying a fault and going for the most expensive repair and advisees the customer it’s a better idea to get a new apple product.

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    Contact Customer Relations, if you didn't spill water on the device and no liquid contact indicator was triggered, then there's nothing to prove that you spilt water on it. They probably accidentally done it during the 14 day period they had possession of it - especially since they rushed to claim water damage without checking the indicators, secondly it may have formed from cold weather - condensation.

    UK consumer law gives you 6 years of free warranty repair, talk to Customer Relations and explain your case as it sounds very suspect.
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    Definitely don't trust the "Apple Genius" especially when it comes to repair and troubleshooting, google search is much more helpful and you don't need to make an appointment!

    I am l lucky there is a great independent computer repair store nearby and worth what ever extra it might cost - but usually it is less $$ and faster than the Apple store and waaaayyyyy less aggravating
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    when I took my MBP into apple for the repair it was in a hard case I had to take it out to it I had the MBP upside down on its side it was then inspected by the apple genius. His only comment was miner pitting on the edges he then put the MBP in a cloth bag and put an elastic band round it and took it away. The apple store said the water damage could not of happened in the apple store as stuff that come in for repair are put in a plastic bag until they are ready to work on it. I said if my MBP has been kept in a plastic bag for 2 weeks it would of sweated in the bag and the moisture would be everywhere, I then picked up the bag they brought the MBP out in and asked is this the plastic bag there was no answer I then said if it is the plastic bag its not plastic its a cloth bag.
    Apple White City said if I repair the water damage they will do the keyboard replacement. If I pay to have the water damage repaired apple won't have to replace the keyboard as I would of just payed to have the keyboard replaced as both repairs are replace the top cover.
    I have spoken to Citizens Advice and was told I would have to prove the water damage happened in the apple store.
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    Yes its a good idea to go to an independent repair store they are normally cheaper that apple for the repair. As they tend to fix the problem by working on the circuit board and reusing as many components as possible, apple charge a lot more as they find the circuit board with the problem and replace the full board.

    For example I need a new keyboard independent repair would normally if possible just replace the keyboard and apple would go thee more expensive way and would replace the top cover the keyboard the touch pad and the battery.

    The independent repair would also allow you to inspect and even take home any parts removed from your MacBook. If you ask apple to see the parts that were removed they ask if you do not trust them and tell you that it is against apple policy if you do not agree to this they will not do any repair warranty or no warranty.

    One other problem the independent repair store has is apple have made it very hard for the independent repair store to get some replacement parts and some parts are almost imposable to get.
    This is just another way apple are using to try and get every penny they can from you and squeeze out the independent repair store.

    With apple now soldering the memory and storage to the logic board apple are now selling obsolete MacBooks as they can not be upgraded. If your memory or storage fail with them soldered onto the logic board its not going to be a cheep repair, you can't just replace the memory or storage no it will cost you the price of a new logic board in in the 2017 MacBook Pro thats £550 + Tax.
    Before apple decided to make repairs more expensive and upgrades not possible by making the MacBook as thin as possible it was not to expensive to replace failed memory and storage or even upgrade the memory or storage, even cheeper if you used non apple memory or storage. Thee upgrade could even allow you to run newer Mac operating systems extending the life of your MacBook.

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