Can you use FCP with a MacBook?


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Sep 12, 2006
I'm want to buy a laptop and have been looking into the differences between MB & MBPro. I was heading towards buying a MB, only because it is far closer to my budget, but then someone told me that MacBooks won't support Final Cut Pro. I understand the MBPro has a far better graphics card, but I was hoping that for my uses I could get away with just a MB. I would be using the computer to edit Mini DV footage with Final Cut Pro as well as using Photoshop (and then general things like Word and Safari, Toast etc.).

I know MBPro would be faster and that if I wanted to work with high resolution HD video I would use it, but for the smaller video pieces that I make I was hoping a MB would be fine.

My main question is: is it true that Macbooks won't support Final Cut Pro?

Am very much hoping this advice is incorrect. What do people think?


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Mar 29, 2006
Sacramento, CA
MacBooks will most definately support Final Cut Pro. Final Cut does not need tons of power from the video card, beleive it or not, unless you add tons of effects and playback in real time... So the answer is go ahead and buy the MacBook, throw a couple gigs of ram in there and enjoy.


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Mar 10, 2004
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The MacBooks are not officially supported, but there has been reports that it will run fine... with the exception of Motion, which won't be able to perform all tasks...