Can you use Macintosh XL data Cable with Lisa 2?

Discussion in 'Apple Collectors' started by aust7859, Jul 18, 2017.

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    I purchased the Floppy Emu to install the Lisa OS on my Apple Lisa 2. It does not work with the Lisa 2. So, I'm trying to turn the Lisa 2 into a Macintosh XL, so I can install the software. I have the Macintosh XL data cable, and card cage. Unfortunately, I don't have the power supply harness. It does not look like the Macintosh XL card cage will work with the Apple Lisa 2 power harness.

    Can I use the Macintosh XL data cable, with the Apple Lisa 2 wiring harness.?That way, I can use the Lisa 2 card cage, and install the ROM's from the Macintosh XL?

    The Apple Lisa 2 has the data cable originally designed for the Twiggy drives. It uses the Lisa Lite card to connect the one of the Twiggy cables, to the card, then the 400k drive. The Floppy Emu will not read from the Lisa Lite card. But the Macintosh XL data cable has the proper connector for the 400k, or 800k drive. So, if I install the Macintosh XL data cable, I don't have to use the Lisa Lite card.
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    There is effectively no difference between a Lisa 2 and a Mac XL except for the video ROM, video square pixel kit and ROM.
    There is a board that converts the original Lisa 1 connector to a 400KB disk drive and this mounts in next to the 400KB floppy.
    You must use a lisa lite card. unless you swap the whole daughter tray assy.

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