Canadian Sales Tax on Online Store?


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Feb 8, 2005
Hi there, I'm yet another future switcher due to the "Halo Effect" from the iPod. My current computer is a 5 year old Dell laptop that is on it's last legs, much to my mom's chagrin (I got it for my grad/birthday/everyotherholiday present and she just finished paying it off back in the summer).

But anywho, I'll be getting at 12" Superdrive PB within the next few days, and I was just curious as to what I should expect to pay in regards to sales tax from the Apple website. I'll be getting the educational discount, and I'm from BC, so I'm expecting to pay 14% in sales tax. I'm just curious if anyone can vouch to say that's correct, or if I'll be paying something different. If someone can help me out, that'd be great!


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Welcome from another Wet Coaster :cool:

Yes, the Apple Store charges GST and the appropriate PST in each Canadian province

"Apple Store purchases will include appropriate sales tax based on where the product is shipped and the sales tax rate(s) in effect at the time of shipping. The proof of purchase includes any applicable sales tax."



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Mar 29, 2004
all I know is I paid %15(Ontario) sales tax on my pb, of course I had the edu discount which essentially paid for the tax.

James L

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Apr 14, 2004
West Coaster here too!

And yup, you will pay full pop for your machine as far as taxes go.

Also, when you are watching the shipping on Fed Ex's website, don't freak out. Whenever I buy from Apple, it is usually does this really funky trip that goes something like:

Somewhere else
Alaska (here is where you start thinking... wow! It is so close)
Memphis (psych!!!)
Winnipeg (wtf?)
Out for deliver


I know why they ship like that, but boy did it throw me off when I first ordered a machine!




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Feb 8, 2005
Cool, thanks for all the replies. I've saved accordingly to include the tax, so now I just have to wait until my credit card payment goes through (should be tomorrow)! new Mac here I come! Hah, and by the sounds of it, it'll have traveled around the world more than me!
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