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  1. glanv macrumors regular

    Jun 19, 2008
    Hi all

    Firstly, apologies if this has been answered elsewhere - I did a quick search but couldn't really find anything...

    I have had a .Mac account since last year. I originally had this set-up to merely sync my mac and host my iWeb site, it was therefore not my primary email address. Now that I have jumped on the iPhone wagon my mobileme (.mac) email address should really be my primary one as it is the only one that pushes (I had a Blackberry before and that pushed all my email accounts). The thing is my current email address for mobileme is my nickname and doesn't look too professional for anything other than communicating with my mates.

    As one can't change their primary mobileme address my only choices are:

    1) Stick with current account and get used to it (as iPhone won't send from alias names)
    2) Open a new Mobileme account and let the old one expire

    I am edging towards option 2 but the only thing is I tried to set-up a mobileme account using 'forename.surname' as my user id but it wouldn't allow it. This is due to the fact I had an alias set-up in current account with that exact name. I then thought if I deleted the alias I would be able to use the name, but still no joy!

    So, my questions are:

    - Do I have to think of another name for the new account?
    - Is there anyway to send from an alias on the iPhone?

    I have a feeling it is going to be 'think of a new one'!!

  2. swiftaw macrumors 603


    Jan 31, 2005
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    Why not just create a more professionally sounding alias for your account?

    I believe there are some workarounds for sending from the alias on the iphone
  3. glanv thread starter macrumors regular

    Jun 19, 2008
    Thanks for posting. Already looked into that, but workaround is a bit clunky (using a gmail address that 'sends from' .mac alias, change smtp server on iphone etc). Being the perfectionist I am, I either want sending from an alias to work or want a new professional sounding username.

    Just tried to set-up a new mobileme account using 'forename.surname' but it said the username wasn't available - probably as I had it set-up as an alias! Perhaps I should just sit it out and hope that Apple update the iphone mail to allow sending from aliases.

    I am a big fan of Apple's products and services, but do think that their push email solution is light years behind Blackberry. Although I suppose it would be given how long each of them has been dealing with push!
  4. Philgr macrumors regular

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    I had a similar problem,
    i had a trial account and realized that i was paying for something i could get for free, so i let it lapse, When i bought new macbook i needed the ability to sync etc, and the iphone push was the icing on the cake so i bought a copy of .mac , trouble was the user name i always used for my email was shown as taken (my old trial account)

    I spoke to apple support who said my old username was avail and suggested i created an alias, tried this and failed, back on to apple support who suggested i create a new trial account in my old username, this worked !!, i then requested that the accounts were swapped, and my trial becomes my main and my paid up account is closed, i was told this was not possible.

    Sooo, i added the family pack to my account and converted the trail to one of the family members, i now have the email i wanted. (my old trial account name) a bit long winded i know but it worked for me, and my wife has a iphone so the family account works for us now.

    If only apple would now fix the service and add the function to share contacts and calenders it would be perfect.

    Phil G
  5. glanv thread starter macrumors regular

    Jun 19, 2008
    Hi Phil

    I was wondering if the family pack might be a solution. However, even though there is me and the missus in the house it is only me that has an iPhone. I don't suppose she'd have much use for a mobileme account, unless I get her an iPhone and/or a mac! Could be a good reason to upgrade my macbook and give her this one! I may have to go with opening a new account, syncing everything with it and letting the old one expire (but what if at some point in the future I want the 'old' email back?!)

    Think I see how it goes until a few weeks away from renewal.

    Many thanks for your post!

  6. kolax macrumors G3

    Mar 20, 2007

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