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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by pmau, Apr 10, 2015.

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    I know I know ... there are plenty of threads already.

    I ordered today as many did and now that the excitement wears off a little, I have a few thoughts. And I share them, wether you think they are useful or not.

    1) Apple did it, they hyped hard and succeeded

    Just think about how long it has been since the first keynote has shown the final watch. I am certain that the hardware was already final, but they had no idea about the software.

    I think Apple is holding back because they know they cannot deliver an ecosystem for this generation.

    They hyped it, even harder than Android Wear, Samsung or any other vendor.
    And they succeeded, even though it is a very limited device. Congrats to that.

    2) The Watch is not a phone

    I buy almost every iPhone because I know that iOS and the iPhone go in tandem. It's fun to see the new specs and features that make up the experience. With the watch I'm not sure.

    They will not change the firmware much, because all the content is coming from the phone. The specs are too limited to have headroom for exciting features.

    So? Was it all really worth it? I'm not so sure anymore...

    The phone is fun because the Apps are growing with CPU, GPU, screen size, etc. The watch might not. It will not get larger screens, it will not be standalone ever, because Apple relies on the combination of iPhone and Watch. So the potential is quite limited in my opinion.

    3) Not being first

    It's frowned upon, but a big part of buying new Apple stuff is being first.
    This might be the first time it will backfire.
    From a hardware perspective the watch has no real resale value.

    Once a second gen update comes out, there's no reason to buy the old one.
    If you don't buy now, it makes less sense in 6 month. Even less than for a phone. Phones easily last longer than one cycle, I handed down my iPhone 5, I still own a 5s and currently have a 6. All three of them are fine.

    4) Cancelling orders

    It seems Apple already had a slow start introducing it, soon there's the WWDC where iOS will at least point to some roadmap of features. I believe the watch has to follow soon. If the watch stays at gen. one for long, it will look dated rather quickly besides any iOS innovation.

    If it turns out that delivery dates really slip to May and June, I might really cancel my order and skip this model. While it would be fun to have one for a year, I doubt that spending the money for 9 month is reasonable.

    As said earlier, this model has little potential to grow.

    The App Store required new iPhone generations to be meaningful at all.
    So will the watch. It has to innovate real quick to be relevant.

    I really like one, but I think that shortly after owning it, we will all agree that we really wanted version 2 all along.

    I will wait, and if my order does not improve regarding delivery dates, I'll probably skip.

    I know it sounds bitter, and you are correct that I'm disappointed. But the thing is, you can still buy a 5s and have a great small phone, you can not really buy the watch around the holiday season, after new phones already guide the way.
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    As they say, whatever floats your boat, to each his own. Its your life, you are the master of your universe.

    And I will probably make an entry in my Calendar app with these statements that will alarm 2 months from now. I will then feel a tap in my wrist telling me I have a reminder/notification. As I gaze towards my wrist, I will read these same comments and will ellicit a smile. Why? Because I can. Cheers !!!
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    Jul 13, 2008
    you put wayyy too much thought into things....

    i assume you are expecting a watch to do everything and cook you a meal like your phone does. I honestly don't see this thing as appealing to people that don't have an active lifestyle. Ive been wanting a decent fitness tracker for years and my number one reason to buy one revolves around that.
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    Aug 24, 2002
    There has not been one modern Apple product that doesn't have resale value.

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