Cannon RebelXT?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by David-fr, Dec 23, 2011.

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    Hello All,

    I want to get into photography more, nothing professional but more serious.

    A friend is selling a Cannon Rebel XT, it is a 7 year old camera with THIS LENS for 250$

    What you think?

    To be more specific:

    To today's standards, does this camera still takes good high quality pictures? (is it still relevant)
  2. LumbermanSVO macrumors 65816

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    I can't comment on the body, but the deal looks like it is more than worth it just for the lens, assuming it is in good shape.
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    Here is the initial review for that camera from 2005. Skip to the Conclusions section for a quick overview from a trusted source.

    Canon XT/350/KISS

    My camera is the XSi/450/KISS2. It does a good job but I'm starting to outgrow it. Neither camera is still being made, but all the current lenses for Canon mount fit them. I can't find the XT for sale on the used section of the B&H website, but the XSi is $300 body only.

    It all seems fair to me. People like that lens.

  4. Policar, Dec 23, 2011
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    Policar macrumors 6502a

    Nov 21, 2004
    I have one and also have a t2i. In terms of image quality, if you shoot raw, the t2i is about 50% sharper and (at best) a stop cleaner at high ISOs. For everyday photography, it's not too different, since you need to be shooting with a good lens at a high shutter speed stopped down a bit for sharpness to be super critical. I've had great results from the xt and the 50mm f1.8. Nice for portraiture.

    In terms of ease of use, the t2i is better. The huge LCD is awesome for video and liveview is indespensible for t/s lenses and manual focus. The t2i also has a fantastic video mode (given the price). The t2i has a better focus system and is more responsive, but the optical finder is similar, if my vague impressions are accurate. The 7D has a far superior finder and autofocus and more features than the t2i, but the image quality is the same and not even that much better than the Rebel xt. The 5DII is showing its age, but that's a nice camera... Never used the high end gear.

    If you like the 50mm focal length I'd get the xt for that price! If it's the 50mm f1.4 lens that's included and condition and functionality is good, the lens alone makes it a great deal. With that set up you can take some fantastic portraits, I just wouldn't blow them up much past 11X17 (or 8x10 if you want pixel-perfect sharpness).

    50mm is also long for a walk around lens. It's a short portrait focal length on APS-C. I'd seriously consider getting another lens, too, unless you're Yasujiro Ozu.
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    It looks like a really nice deal with the lens. I can't speak for myself about the body as I have never owned a Rebel XT, however I just read several review and it sounds like a nice camera.
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    Thank you all for the responses. I will picking up the camera from my friend's this Monday.

    Merry xmas all!

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