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Dec 18, 2013

Since today I cannot access the url:

I'm using a macbook pro 10.7.5
I can log in into my google account
I can access the other google service (calender, drive, etc.) with no problem
I can access everything else on the internet
I can access my gmail account on my android and it works

No webbrowser on my mac allows me to access (I've try safari, chrome and Firefox, all programs are up to date)
it says: "This webpage is not available" (Chrome) "server not found" (Firefox) etc...

I'm using the same WiFi for my mac as for my smartphone, so it's not a wifi issue
I've tried with Firefox, safari and chrome and no one of them allows me access to the website, so I guess it's also not a browser issue

I have been using my gmail account on this computer since a long time and I never had problem with it.

Any idea someone?

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