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    I want to move an older website from a hosting service to a home server running Yosemite OS X Server. Its a very low traffic web site but I want to keep it active, but see no sense in continuing to host it externally.

    Question 1) My ISP does not block the required ports, so the home web hosting should work fine, but I can only get a dynamic IP address. Currently, I’m using for a DDNS service, but I don’t think that will work if I attempt to change my nameservers. I don’t know if something like ClouDNS would solve this or not. Is this possible? Can anyone make recommendations on what service (preferably Free) that I can use that will allow me to successfully change the nameserver records so that the website will point to my home server?

    Question 2) I’ve tried to setup Yosemite Server to serve up a web page, but no luck. Can’t figure out why. I created the web site within the Server Webhost section, placed a test index.html file in it, but I am unable to bring it up either locally or externally. The "default" site comes up as expected, but not my new site. Can anyone point me to a good walk through on how to do this? I’m not sure what I’m missing, but spent the good part of a day searching the web and youtube videos, but still can't get it working.

    As far as the external access, I’ve port forwarded port 80 and 443 in Airport and pointed it to the fixed IP of the OS X server. I’ve done an external port scan and the ports are open. I’ve also used from within the server and confirmed the ports are opened through my ISP. So there should be no issue getting to the server.
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    If you want a free for the current Yosemite Server then look at Todd Olthoff's videos .

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