Cannot Activate Screen Sharing

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by jeff526, Oct 30, 2011.

  1. jeff526 macrumors newbie

    Apr 22, 2011
    Boston, MA
    I upgraded my iMac to Lion when it first came out and had been using Screen Sharing successfully to connect from my iPad via a VNC client
    Last night we had a power outage and my iMac shutdown (yes i need to get a UPS)
    Thankfully it restarted fine and everything seems to be working

    However I tried to access my iMac today via my iPad and it did not work
    I can connect to my other Mac Mini from my iPad as well as connect from my Mac Mini to my iMac

    I reviewed the Screen Sharing settings under System Preferences and it was not checked
    I tried to check this, but nothing happened (the Lock changes is off)
    I've also tried to restart and activate/deactivate remote management.

    Any suggestions?
  2. iThinkergoiMac macrumors 68030

    Jan 20, 2010
    Have you rebooted both the iMac and iPad? Sometimes that's fixed it for me...
  3. jeff526 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Apr 22, 2011
    Boston, MA
    I have rebooted the iMac
    It is not an issue with my iPad as I can connect to other Macs on my network
    The problem appears to be with system preferences not allowing me to enable screen sharing

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