Cannot add em address; keep getting error message


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Jan 11, 2020
I have NOT received any replies to this problem as of Sunday. I have included additional information (see attachment). Solution is needed. thanks

Problem exists ONLY on my iMac 10.14.6. Everything OK on iPhone and iPad. MAC irregularly shows a triangle with asterisk and em arrives MUCH later then on other devices (but sometimes does not arrive). Also cannot add new em address (IMAP or POP) - I get message 'unable to verify account name or PW'. System checked by host and all OK at that end. Can get webmail. We have tried: Mac power off; reboot router, cleaned mail cache, renewed DHCP lease, changed MTU to 1453, reloaded appropriate plist files, double checked password, run Cleanmymac and ONYX, disconnected external hard drives (used for time machine).

Problem is with use of google mail and my own hosting em. Started about 2 weeks ago.

HELP would be greatly appreciated. Frustration level running high.


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