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    Feb 7, 2011
    Hey guys,

    With each release, iTunes seems to be getting more and more difficult to use. First of all, I added a "My Music" folder to my iTunes library that contained almost 60 gigabytes worth of MP3's. iTunes has decided, however, that it only wants to add about 600 megabytes of this, and I can't figure out why none of the other files are showing up.

    Also, what's up with the "manually manage iphone" checkbox? If I strike the checkbox, iTunes tells me that I must delete everything on the iPhone and sync it. I thought manually managing the iphone means that I don't have to use the stupid sync feature, so why does iTunes require me to completely wipe out my iphone to use this feature?

    So, now not only can I not add a single music file to the phone, the "back way" doesn't work either. I cannot create, edit, or delete any playlists on the iPhone.

    EDIT: If I try to check "sync only checked songs and videos", and then I click the "sync" button, itunes says that sync is finished, but none of the tracks I checked show up in the ipod application. What's up with that?

    Can somebody help me? I would really rather not use iTunes, as I greatly dislike it for the reasons above, but no other music players will work with iphone. How do I make the dumb thing work?
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