Cannot add new contacts on Mac


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Apr 11, 2018
New, old problem here, might have started back up again after last MacOS update to 10.15.5 on a 2017 MBP, the mail and contacts app are the front end for my work emails coming from google. iCloud is not involved.

Whenever I try to add a new contact I have about 10 seconds, whether I type anything or not, until the new contact window closes and I am back to the main contacts screen and there is a contact added to the bottom that says "No Name". A little internet research found a workaround where you disconnect from the internet till you are done entering contacts then reconnect and they sync properly.

Anyone else familiar with this and know how to fix it?

Many thanks in advance!

P.S. - I can enter the contact on my iPad or iPhone and it works fine and syncs to the Mac but......
P.P.S. - I can edit existing contacts on my mbp, cannot create new ones
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