Cannot add printer on iMac with OS X 10.6.8

Discussion in 'macOS' started by desertman, Jun 21, 2013.

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    I tried today to install a new and wireless printer at somebody else's place who has a Windows XP PC and an iMac with OS X 10.6.8 on the same network. The new printer is an all-in-one "Canon Pixma MG6320".

    It was no problem to add the printer to the wireless network, install the printer software on the PC, add the printer (wirelessly, without any cable connection) to Windows XP and to print onto that printer from the PC.

    However, when I tried to add the printer on the Mac (after installing its software on the Mac) I got presented with a very strange "Add Printer" window after clicking onto the "+" for adding a printer in the "Print & Scan" preference pane. Please see attached screen shot. This does not look at all like the normal OS X "Add Printer", it looks more like something that I would expect on Windows. I was not able to install the printer here (I guess it would not be possible to install any new printer here). And, yes, the printer and the Mac and the PC are all connected to the same wireless network.

    I suspect that this weird "Add Printer" window might have to do with the other installed printer - a very old "Epson Stylus Photo 1280" but I am not really sure about this.

    Does anybody have an idea what is going on here? What are these entities "o..." and "workgroup"?

    Greetings - desertman

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    the 2 workgroups - one is probably on the PC and other on the MAC.
    check the network settings on both and put them to same workgroup for a start.

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