Cannot connect my older MacPro wirelessly

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by bkliger, Sep 25, 2012.

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    Sep 25, 2012
    I recently moved into a home with 2 stories/ It has metal in the sheetrock to block sound but I think it may also be blocking my Wi-Fi signal. On the upper floor I have the Internet connection and the Apple Airport Extreme Base Station (1st Generation) with 802.11n 2.3ghz or 5ghz. Specs here -

    On the lower level I have a Mac Pro Early 2008. Specs here -

    I get a very weak and intermittant signal on the Mac Pro with little internet throughput, but my MacBook Pro (Late 2007) Specs here - gets a good signal and normal internet throughput. My iPad gets good internet service as well. If I move the Mac Pro to the same room as the Apple Airport Extreme Base Station, I have no problem.

    I have tried to place my Airport Express (1st Generation) Specs here - at different locations in the house - especially in the stairs between the floors, but that did not work.

    I have two working hypotheses:

    1. The wireless radio in the Mac Pro is not as powerful and the ones in the MacBook Pro and the iPad.

    2. The Airport Express is old and not very good as a repeater.

    Has anyone ever run into this before?

    Should I upgrade the networking equipment?

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    Do some searching around on here and the net for WiFi antenna issues. I recall there were a batch of Mac Pro computers back around that generation (I have a 2008 as well) which had the antenna connections for the WiFi and Bluetooth reversed at the card. Simply unplugging the co-ax cables and plugging them into the correct jack fixed weak signal / range issues with these Mac Pros. If you find the discussion thread, there were photographs of the proper hookup which you can compare to your machines wiring. You might also try moving the Airport Extreem Base Station around slightly to improve reception, possibly even trying it sitting on side.

    If that all checks out, you might try a simple and cheap USB WiFi adapter (turn off the internal one). Look for one with a cable so you can experiment with the placement of the adapter/antenna for best reception. Of course, if you can route a ethernet cable down to the Mac Pro you will get the best performance by not using WiFi at all.


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