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    Hi, not sure if this is the right place to post this, but im at a loss and dont know what else to do.

    Yesterday, my internet worked fine, this morning both my imac and macbook pro cannot connect to ANYTHING. The ethernet doesnt work (LAN, i live in student accomodation). And no wifi. Ive been to the accomodation office, they are connecting fine and no one else has reported anything, so i assume its something on my end. The ethernet issue cites DNS errors, failing to resolve domains or just loading endlessly with no error. Network settings says im connected to the internet, got an ip and half the time it doesnt even recognize there is a problem - the rest of the time diagnostics just says "cannot resolve issue, contact isp". Obviously that cant be it though because everyone else is connecting through the same isp just fine.

    Ive tried everything - on chrome, firefox, and safari - but havent been able to load a single page all day.

    tl;dr: Some sort of DNS problem, messed around with Network settings and mDNSresponder for hours, cant connect to anything on either ethernet or wifi.

    Any help is much appreciated. This is completely bafflingly me.
  2. sharon22, Nov 26, 2014
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    Only way to fix this is a painstakingly slow step-by-step diagnosis.

    Step 1.)
    Go into System Preferences / Users and Groups
    and Create a New User (with Admin privileges).

    Step 2.)
    Log out, then log yourself back in as the New User you just created.

    Step 3.) Now, without adjusting/changing ANY settings, fire up Safari and see if you can connect to Google, etc.

    If you are NOW ABLE to connect to the internet, then that means it's a software glitch on your system. If you STILL CANNOT connect to the internet, then that means it's probably a non-software glitch (e.g. kinked/broken ethernet cable, broken WiFi, or, a firewall or something preventing you from connecting to the net, username/password error with ISP, etc.).

    I am going to venture a guess that you WILL BE ABLE TO connect to the internet, after logging out, then logging in as the new user you created. So, the next step is to log out, then log yourself back in as your Original self (and then go ahead and remember to delete the "new user" you just created), and then do stuff like:

    a.) Go into system preferences, Network, click on "Ethernet" or "WiFi" and TURN IT OFF.
    b.) Flush the DNS cache (research how to do that on your own operating system... on Mavericks you simply fire up Terminal, and type
    dscacheutil -flushcache
    (hit "enter")
    then type
    sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder
    (hit "enter")
    c.) Turn OFF your computer.
    d.) PHYSICALLY UNPLUG both your router and modem.
    e.) Wait 5 (FIVE) minutes (they say "20 seconds," but I'm a "5 minute" kind of person!)
    f.) Plug your Modem back in.
    g.) Wait 2 (TWO) minutes (they say "20 seconds," but I'm a "2 minute" kind of person!)
    h.) Plug your router back in.
    i.) Turn ON your computer
    j.) Go into System Preferences / Network
    k.) Select Ethernet (Using DHCP), or, if you are a WiFi person, turn WiFi back on.

    All that should work, as long as you don't skip any steps.

    Post back what your results are.

    Good luck!
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    Dec 11, 2014
    l,estartit spain
    DNS server

    change the DNS server to googles server Second
    Had a similar problem with my laptop this worked for me
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    Don't you mean &

    That said, the OP mentioned he's using a Student accommodation network, they're going to have to contact the schools network admins. They may have been locked out for one reason or another.
  5. Obibob macrumors member

    Dec 11, 2014
    l,estartit spain

    i did not think of that & yes it is sorry

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