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    May 1, 2010
    Ok well not so much, I can connect to my other mac via the finder under shared, but. what is not happening is that when I click on the mac on the network I want to connect to, it does not connect, but if I click connect as and then hit connect, it connects perfectly and I can see all the shared folder and click share screen etc.

    it used to work perfectly but does not anymore.

    I have no issue with this connecting to my mac mini or my other macbook, only on my iMac when I try to connect from my macbook will it not work.

    if I enable guest access to shared folders, it populates instantly but shows me logged in as guest when I have an account on that system with the same name as an admin..

    is there any way to fix this? it is only on the one machine...

    here is my setup.

    1. late 09 macbook lion
    2. macbook 4,1 lion
    3. late 2012 mac mini - Mountain lion
    4. imac - 10.6.8

    the only thing I did recently was to install mysql but that was weeks ago and this problem only came up recently.

    It bugs me because I want it to show that I am connected as me to that computer when I click on it in my finder not as a goes and show me the shared folders. the mac mini works in this way when I click on it in my finder, it shows I am connected as me and shows me the shares without me having to click connect as.

    I deleted all my stored network keychains for the affected system but no luck, unless I am missing something... that should make me have to one time click connect as to store the login info in my keychain, which it does but it still does not automatically populate with my connected automatically.

    is there some other keychain or stored login setting or something I need to change? to get it to work that way?

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